Tavola Scratching Board

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One of the main reasons cats scratch is actually to stretch. However, most products on the market only satisfy the vertical stretching position.
We decided to introduce a modern horizontal scratching board that would satisfy our cats' needs to scratch and stretch while saving our floors.

Here are the reasons we believe this is an incredible product:

  • Made from high quality ash and eco-friendly materials. 
  • It's extremely sturdy which is the most important feature for scratching furniture
  • It's sleek and easy to store (and beautiful enough to leave in plain view)
  • We used a durable scratching sisal that won't need to be replaced
  • We tested over 10 materials and this was the one cats loved most
  • Subtle design touches, such as the wood being inset to hold the scratching fabric flush so it sits flat on the floor
  • Flexible usage, such as using the board as a ramp or diagonal scratching post
Features & Details
Design Curved wood prevents floor scratches. Wood base indented to hold scratching material flush.
Materials Solid ash, durable sisal scratching fabric.
Cat Size Suitable for cats of all shapes and sizes
Dimensions Length: 28.5" | Width: 6" | Height: 1.25"
Assembly No assembly required

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