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  • "tuft + paw is the West Elm of cat furniture."

  • "A new standard in the pet product game."

  • "Stylish products that's not only look great in your space, but also attend to the needs of your cat."

  • "tuft + paw makes cat furniture that is refreshingly un-ugly and also understands that cats like to go into holes."

  • "Minimalist cat furniture of your dreams."

  • Have you met Cove?

    "At last, a modern, stylish litter box!" - Diana K.

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  • "It fits perfectly into our contemporary home . I also love the higher sides which keeps everything where it belongs!" - Linda E.

  • "A stunningly beautiful and well-designed litter box created by true cat owners." - Sheryl S.

  • "I didn’t realize how much I needed this until it was here. Having the scoop and broom/dustpan right there is a game changer in our lives!" - Erin R.

  • "My cat loves it and even better, it's cut WAY down on the amount of litter she throws out of the box when doing her business." - David P.

  • "It comes with a scooper and small broom that comes in handy for a quick cleanup and it all tucks away neatly." - Carly W.

Have you met Cove?

"At last, a modern, stylish litter box!" - Diana K.

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